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CHARLYN, a Swiss pop artist, has had a passion for music since she was a child.
Although she grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, English
music has always been her favorite. At the age of twenty, she decided to
pursue her dream and moved to London to study music. There, she was
introduced to new genres which have had a big influence on her songwriting.

CHARLYN's music fits within Alt Z and Indie Pop genres with a distinctive 80s'
touch. In 2016, she released her first EP 'CHARLYN', which caught the attention
of Swiss Radio stations and her single 'Marylise' is still regularly broadcast on
Radio Swiss Pop. In 2019, CHARLYN released her second EP entitled 'Water',
with its single 'Remembering You' also being broadcast on Swiss radios such
as Radio Swiss Pop, LFM, RNV, Radio Lac, Rhône FM and RJB.

Due to the pandemic in 2020 CHARLYN returned to Switzerland and started
working with her brother Loric Mathez on a new project. This will culminate in
the release of her EP 'Start With Me' in 2023 preceded by several singles. The
first one is scheduled for January 2023 and promises to be an eclectic mix of
pop and indie sounds that will refresh the Swiss Pop scene!



  • Concerts: Montreux Jazz Festival,

      Dartford Festival, Antidote
      Festival, la Braderie de Porrentruy

  • International Media Coverage:

      BBC Introducing TV Lancashire,

      Chorley Fm, Croydon Radio

  • Swiss Media Coverage: Radio

      Swiss Pop, LFM, RNV, Radio Lac,
      RJB, Rhône Fm, RTN, Léman


  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Youtube
  • Deezer
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


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